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Hello, everyone!

This community is for everyone who loves our Tea Boy and feels he needs a fan club.  It actually grew out of a New Years challenge fic I wrote for the[livejournal.com profile] longliveianto  community, called On How to Spend New Years Eve.  In it, Ianto is immortal and survived Thames House (see my On-Verse Universe for details) but, in doing so, certain rather romantic females got ahold of the footage from Ianto's "death" and formed a fan club for him.  It's pure crack, and everyone seemed to really like it.

Like it so much that it inspired [livejournal.com profile] xrai_namere  to write Captain Jack Commits Fanfic, and a follow-up More Fanfic is Committed, which are both an absolute scream.  That inspired me once again to write yet another sequel, On Jealousy and Fanfic. Xrai followed up with Captain Jack Commits Fanart, another totally cracktastic story.  

Now, this wasn't the only thing that happened.  [livejournal.com profile] totally4ryo  decided that we should have membership cards, like in the original story.  So, she created these brilliant cards:

She even decided to personalize them, and you can request a copy here, as well as snag one of the fantastic icons she made as well.

And well, here we are!

Little did I know what I was doing when I wrote the original story, but I think we all need a place to celebrate Ianto Jones.  Everything is welcome here: stories, art, pictures, discussion...as long as it's about Ianto (and Jack, because really they're kinda attached, as it were!).  The goal is to have fun, and give people a free zone to talk about things without the hullabaloo of the new series.  So, spoilers for that won't be allowed here, unless TPTB decide that Ianto needs to be in the new series as well...which I think we all know won't happen. 

I do hope we all have fun and enjoy ourselves!
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